“Kathleen represented my wife and I in purchasing a house in San Roque. I have worked with at least 5 agents in Santa Barbara (both buying and selling), and I can honestly say that Kathleen is the most competent and knowledgable of them all. I have nothing but good things to say about her. Any agent can handle a purchase where everything goes smoothly, but you can’t know in advance when the other side is going to get difficult, and that is when it really makes a difference. Our purchase ended up having some tough issues with the sellers; through it all, Kathleen was professional, responsive, knowledgable, a good negotiator, and pushed hard to make sure our interests were represented well. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. You’re in very good hands if she’s your agent/broker.”

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3411 Calle Noguera, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Ramey Echt

Kathleen was our buyer’s agent for our home purchase in 2018. She is hands down the best, most competent real estate agent I have encountered through many home purchases. Our buying process took a long time as inventory was low and our criteria was strict. She was extremely patient, never pressured us, and often got us in early to properties before they hit the market. When we finally found a home we wanted, the escrow process turned out to be difficult for reasons beyond our control. Kathleen has a combination of excellent communication, integrity, and skillful negotiation. Her extensive detailed knowledge from everything from sewer lines, water heaters, foundation issues, contract legality, etc helped us tremendously through all the issues we encountered. If she didn’t have the answer, she worked quickly to get us in contact with the right person. My husband and I turned to each other several times during the escrow process and said we never would have been able to close without Kathleen. She is top notch in every respect. I wouldn’t want to buy another house without her.

Randy Wilson

Kathleen has been our realtor for years here in Santa Barbara. We are currently working with her on buying a new home. She is always knowledgeable, efficient, honest, and a joy to work with. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

“Kathleen made our home purchase go quickly and smoothly, exceeding hopes and expectations! She connected us with other great team members for mortgage and other paperwork. Escrow closed on time (30 days!) on our new condo, which we love. She understood our needs, helped us with the process and really went the extra mile. She is great!”  Nancy and Jim,  August 2017
I would like to acknowledge and recommend Kathleen as a hardworking, knowledgable, responsible, thou rough realtor. She has an unprecedented attention to detail that get me through a most demanding escrow. Kathleen even miraculously participated in my securing a loan. Kathleen, thank you for your help in meeting every single challenge presented during the process of purchasing my home. #TheBestRealtorEver  Rebecca Marder, Samarkand
“In all our years of buying and selling homes, Kathleen Barnato is the most gracious, affable, and meticulous agent we’ve ever worked with. The truth is we wish we had a professional of her quality in all aspects of our lives. She constantly anticipated our needs, guiding us and making calls and contacts well before we realized the obligation. From the initial viewings to our transition through home inspection and securing a mortgage she has provided us with specific and active support, shepherded us to the right craftsmen, did numerous extra visits and appointments for us when we were busy, and always with a bright conviviality and charm. We can’t recommend her highly enough!”  Mark and Kim September 2016
“Kathleen, is an absolute professional and objective and all of her dealings I’ve worked with her for many years and I’ve found her to be very reliable and perceptive of each individual situation. I think she’s a fantastic realtor”   George 2016
“The California home buying market is complex and fast moving. You need nerves of steel to be a buyer and you need someone like Kathleen who helps you to see the value in what you are doing and keeps you steady through the process. There are times you feel like giving up and she helps you through inspections, and negotiations, and the understanding of home buying rules and regulations. Very experienced. Remains positive and supportive.”  Susan September 2016
“Kathleen was always professional, available, reassuring, and quick to respond to every question. She helped me sort through my old files of real estate documents to pare down to what was really necessary to keep and I’ll be always grateful for that! I feel she listened to me and also gave good advice and information.She is a pleasure to work with.”  Debbie
May 2016
I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help in purchasing our house.  It was really great experience and while it was stressful at times, you made the whole process really smooth.  I really appreciate that.  Mark T Nov 2015

“I’ve worked with her many times. she’s diligent ,thorough, detail oriented,. . and she listens. I completely trust her. Once I bought a house comletely sight unseen on her recommendation. you can’t do better………….Christine” September 2015



Kathleen was great. She walked us through this purchase and continues to help long after close. We moved to Santa Barbara from Northern California and relied on Kathleen for making this happen for us. We couldn’t have gotten through this without her.  Dave and Pam  August 2015


We’ve worked with Kathleen on both the buyer and seller side and her performance is efficient, effective, responsive, knowledgeable, honest and congenial. She is motivated to go the extra mile, stays focused on the client’s goals and concerns, follows up. We recommend her highly.    Barbara and Steven  March 2015

Kathleen was a delight to work with. She was handling the sale of a property in Santa Barbara for me, while I reside in San Diego. She took care of everything in a very professional and proactive manner. With Kathleen in control, I never once worried about accomplishing this sale, even though I was geographically distant.  Hal Meier June 2015

It was such a joy working with you.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and making this such a positive experience.

Sincerely, Shannon Kennedy   May 2015


  • Bill Christie Hopper reviewed Kathleen Barnato
  • 06/23/2015
  • Helped me sell a home

You can’t ask for a better realtor then Kathleen. She is knowledgeable, has integrity, honesty and is on top of things at all times ( paperwork, coordinating meetings, with escrow, contractors etc…) Plus being friendly and quick on the draw. She is always there for you when you are buying or selling your property.
She has sold 3 homes for us and helped us buy 3 homes well.
She is our go to realtor, that has become a good friend over the years.
Hope you give her a call! You’ll be glad you did:-)


  • Mary Gibson reviewed Kathleen Barnato
  • 06/23/2015
  • Helped me buy a home

Kathleen helped me buy a home in 1990 and was a knowledgeable broker, who educated me in the process. She remained in touch with me over the years and in 2012 when I was ready to sell the home, she was again my choice.
Not only is she a great agent and broker, she is an involved community member active in numerous projects and concerns keeping
Santa Barbara a great place to live.

  • Patrick Boyle reviewed Kathleen Barnato
  • 06/24/2015
  • Currently working together

One of the top Realtors in the country, Kathleen combines professionalism with a solid understanding of almost all aspects of the Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta sub markets. Attention to clients needs and a work ethic unmatched Kathleen still has time to celebrate the California dream to the fullest.
Count on Kathleen for your next real estate transaction and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well she can fulfill your needs.


I just wanted to thank you for the letter regarding the house estimates in 1995 for my mom’s Mesa home. Her taxes have been filed and all is done.
I also wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for helping us through a tough transition in the selling of my mom’s home. Some houses are just houses, but my mom’s home meant so much more to her children and grandchildren. It was a place the family and extended family had journeyed over 59 years.
Your easy manner and patience was needed to manage our way through the emotional process. You made us feel important. Thanks again and I hope for your further success .     Barbara 4-16-15


After interviewing 4 Real Estate organizations and agents in Santa Barbara, I chose Kathleen Barnato as the best and most qualified professional to help me sell my home.
The effort Kathleen went to to market, promote and negotiate the best best deal for both seller and buyer was remarkable. Her understanding of the business, her communication skills and perseverance served me well. She is well connected in the industry and most importantly, is an honest and hard working professional.
I whole heartedly recommend Kathleen with my highest regards.  12-7-14  Tom Walsh

Kathleen Barnato’s repeated demonstration of a surpassing competence, encompassing impressive market-knowledge, astute negotiating savvy and consummate process-professionalism, has established her as my real estate representative. I strongly recommend her services to my friends and acquaintances knowing that if they heed my suggestion, they’ll be working with one of the best in the business, someone who has served my interests very well in several real estate transactions. Kathleen is graced with with a constellation of qualities that make for excellence in her profession; a multidimensional intelligence, a real gift for listening and communicating, and a strong motivation for outstanding service. Fulsome praise? It isn’t; she’s that good at what she does.  Jim and Nancy, Oregon

Thank you, Kathleen, for your expert work in selling my home.   Through all the ups and downs occasioned by erratic clients, you held firm and got the job done.  Brava!  And you did it efficiently and to the satisfaction of all concerned.  I am so glad Tom chose you to represent me.    Norma T  11-1-2014

Kathleen was a privilege to work with! I grew up in Santa Barbara, but have not lived there in 50 years. My mother still did, and when it came time to sell her home, I am her executrix. Understand, I have also a real estate broker for 40 years. Being in the same field but out of the area I was rather picky as to the service I was to be provided. First I pulled up a few names from the CRS register (Certified Residential Specialist), highly professional, experienced agents with extra education and training in our field. Then I went into a local branch of a Title/Escrow Company and ran 3 names by them. Kathleen stood out above the rest. They were right – She always responded to me, returned my calls and provided the information requested. She stuck with us while we cleared the house, disburse heirlooms and had a garage sale. Even after helping us obtain an offer $50,000 over asking price, when our Buyers ran into lender problems (the house needed work) and she was on vacation, she had it covered, and made it happen. Choose Kathleen – you will be in good hands – she is the best.  Ara Croce  9-28-14

Kathleen –  Helped me sell a home

We were selling the condo we had lived in for several years before we moved north. We had rented it out for almost three years before we decided to sell. Ms. Barnato did a great job navigating the process from possibly selling to our renters to listing on the open market and executing the final sale. It was complicated in that the sale was contingent on two other transactions being executed in parallel. And we as owners, were no longer living in the Santa Barbara area. Ms. Barnato executed the contract, setting a winning price, arranging cooperation from the renter occupants, and in general, dealing with all the complicated personalities involved. Her expertise in the process and the many good relations she has built up in the Santa Barbara real estate community all worked to her advantage in getting this sale done.   Steve

Kathleen has helped me in buying and selling two homes. She is the utmost professional, most helpful and very knowledgeable. In my dealings with her I find that she goes far above what one expects in a real estate agent and I would call on her again if needed. – Kapriole

Kathleen is the most outstanding, dynamic realty professional we have ever known; in our buying and selling (both houses and condos), she has consistently proved to be an exceptional asset in negotiating the complexities and realizing our goals in every transaction. Her astute advice, amazingly nuanced market knowledge, proactive attention to detail, and dispatch in serving all our real estate needs makes her THE go-to realtor/broker. – Fullertonbear

Kathleen was proactive, informative, responsive, responsible and honest. She answered our emails and calls every day, without delay. She dealt with our silly as well as our difficult questions and had a welcomed list of valuable and reliable resources to help with the many other aspects of buying a house. We recommend her very, very highly and will of course call her when we need a realtor again. –CN

Kathleen was recommended to me by a friend. I was a first time buyer and very nervous about not knowing enough to take care of myself through this big process.

Kathleen had all bases covered at all times. She was right there with any information I needed, pointed things out that could be problematic in the future, as well as the best ways to handle them. Whenever we ran into something that needed to be handled she was present and extremely well connected. Even after the sale went through she periodically checked on me and helped solved problems immediately and without hesitation.

What I most appreciated was how safe I felt though the entire process. I remember when I went to sign my paperwork at the title company and the person I was working with there told me how impressed she was with Kathleen and that she felt that Kathleen would stand up for each of her clients. I liked hearing that because it affirmed what I was already feeling.

There’s a lot to be said about experience, which Kathleen undeniably has an abundance of. But character and integrity matter just as much. That is why I feel confident in recommending her services.

Good luck with your process! – Chanti Wunderlich

Anyone who hires Kathleen Barnato to sell their home can rest assured she is on a mission. She is the most competent realtor I have known. She is pro-active, congenial, smart as a whip, honest, communicative, and experienced. She is considerate of the interests and desires of all parties. I could not recommend her more highly. – Sarah Ann

Thank you very much for your August 15 letter and the enclosed data…I have been buying and selling homes for the past 25 years and have never had a realtor put together such a well-orchestrated program. – Jack D. Waggoner

Many thanks for all your help selling my home.  You made it all so easy for me, and I can’t believe it really has happened.  You are wonderful!  Best Wishes, Margaret Brown.  September 12.

Thank you so much for your hard work selling my dad’s home.  It could have been a difficult and even frustrating experience for me, being so far away, with so much work to be done to get the house ready.  But I felt like I was there because you took care of everything, large and small, just as I would have.  That’s a rare experience for me!  Your knowledge, judgment, diligence and sales skills all were more than we could have asked for.  We were so lucky to find you!  For Deb, Carrie and myself, THANK YOU!   Dan

It took us over a year and a half to find the house of our dreams and Kathleen was with us every step of the way.  She never gave up; she kept us optimistic and was always easy to reach.    We couldn’t have done it without her!  She was always more than willing to show us anything we wanted to see and she was knowledgeable and really got the vision of what we were looking for…she made a long tedious process enjoyable and fun.  Thank you!  Mark and Mary Jane Strong

Kathleen, you gave exemplary service and attention to the sale.  your hard work and creativity in this down market sold the house very quickly!  Your knowledge and expertise are invaluable and you are a real “stand out” in the Real Estate World!  Thank you!  Jessica and Ray Kolbe

Thank you, Kathleen, for a delightful spa experience!  We had massages, manicures, and really enjoyed the experience.  My friends tell me to go out and find more houses on the point of sale to refer to you!  Sheila Van der Sleen

We really appreciate your help making our dream come true!!  Thank you!!  Mary, Andy and AJ

We have had the great good fortune of having Kathleen represent our house in Santa Barbara during its recent sale…our house was on the market during a real estate slump, but Kathleen’s energy never flagged. She was creative, positive and hard-working through the whole process…I have recommended her to our friends and recommend her to anyone looking for the highest-quality real estate representation. – Dr. and Mrs. Peter St. Louis

“My clients and I searched the RE/MAX.com website and found a cute little cottage-style home on Stanford Place. The listing belonged to Kathleen Barnato of Prudential California Realty. Since Kathleen knew that I was not a Realtor from the area, she was thorough in educating me and my clients about the home’s surrounding neighborhoods, schools, and other important features. From our first meeting all the way through the close of escrow, Kathleen was very professional and courteous. And once we closed escrow on my clients’ home, Kathleen was also very helpful when it came to referring several great contractors. In the future, I would definitely recommend Kathleen to anyone I know who may need real estate services in the SantaBarbara area.” —Yvonne Huang, Realtor

It’s coming up on a year since you helped me get my place and I want to thank you again. I am so happy with it and so happy when I am at home. Your generosity and help have made a huge difference to my life and well-being.
Cathy O

Many thanks again for the fine job you did in handling the sale of our property…your responsiveness to our many requests regarding the handling of the sale went far beyond what one could reasonably rexpect from one’s realtor. Needless to say, we will want you to handle the sale of future properties! – Dr. and Mrs. James O’Roark


Kathleen was very patient, explaining in detail the intricacies of the selling process, and why each step she took needed to be done. She always suggested, rather than insisted and was extremely tacful and sensitive, not only with me but also with agents and clients. Her training as a teacher was evident…I hope you realize what a gem of a sales agent you have in Kathleen. – A satisfied seller – Ursula Selyem



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